Mobile World Congress: Top 3 Android Phones

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has now officially come and gone, and the iPhone 4 won best mobile device….for 2010. A lot of people were left scratching their head at that one, but suffice to say that 2011 will see Apple playing a bit of catch-up to some of the new Android devices that were shown in Barcelona, at least in our estimation, and not just because our site is devoted to all things Android. Google’s Android “booth” at MWC pretty much trumped everything else, hosting at least 50 of Google’s top Android developers.

Best of the Rest, Top 3 Android Mobile Phones

Although we keep up on what’s new and current in terms of Android mobile phones, it was somewhat eye-opening to see the sheer number of Android phones lining the walls at the Google Android display. Here is the take-away from MWC this year – the heavy hitters.

LG Optimus 3D

I can’t say I would buy a mobile phone for it’s capabilities to render 3D graphics, but this is exactly the punch that the LG Optimus 3D packs. Not only can it display in 3D sans glasses it can also capture 3D video. Don’t count on sharing the experience though, like all things 3D there is a pretty narrow range for the effect to be just right. But how often are you sharing the screen on your mobile phone?  The Optimus 3D has a large screen 4.3 inches (480×800) and all the normal goodies we’ve come to expect in forthcoming mobile smart phones – accelerometer, gyroscope etc. It also has two built-in rear facing 5MP cameras to capture in 3D, as well as a forward facing camera. What the Optimus 3D does promise is a pretty powerful gaming experience – Gameloft is putting 3D versions of NOVA, Lets Golf 2, and Asphalt 6 on the phone when it ships. The caveat being that games like Asphalt 6 rely solely on the accelerometer for game play and we’re not too sure how that will work with the very narrow window for viewing 3D.

Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung reported last Christmas that their Galaxy S line of smart phones sold 10 Million units so we expect the Galaxy S II do do pretty well in the coming year also. The S II steps up from the S first and foremost by running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. (lets not talk about Samsung’s utter negligent lack in updating US Galaxy S phones to 2.2 Froyo). Gingerbread will add functionality beyond 2.2 which will go well with the S II dual core processor (one of Samsung’s own) and the larger more defined display. The S II has a 4.3 inch (that is pretty big) Super AMOLED Plus screen (480×800 pixels) while at the same time being ridiculously thin at only .33 inch. It will come with 1Gb of RAM and 16GB of storage. All in all it is a suped-up version of the original Galaxy S line of phones.

Motorola Atrix 4G

The first thing to say about the Atrix 4G is that is has a 4 inch screen with 540×960 pixel resolution.(!) The second thing to say is that the phone also docks with and runs an accessory laptop. The Atrix is using the Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor so it is plenty powerful to run as a stand alone computer. Because the chipset and screen are so robust, Motorola smartly upped the battery size to compensate. Also to note is the fingerprint scanner, though how that is actually implemented in day to day use is unkown. Lastly, you can also buy the Multimedia Dock which allows the device to interact with a multitude of media – 3 usb ports, mini HDMI, and audio out. When the phone is docked, it automatically pulls up the entertainment interface showing the Music, Video, Pictures, Start Webtop, and Setting icons. The Atrix, in our estimation, steps up the mobile device to the next level and incorporates some nifty interfacing with the rest of your electronic life. Whether or not you expect your phone to also be your all in all netbook and media center is another question. The Atrix is rolling out on AT&T and will be $200 with a 2 year contract. Oh and it will be running Android 2.2, Froyo.


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