TouchWiz 4.0 Ported to the Samsung Galaxy S

The folks at XDA developers always seem to be up for something or the other. Well this time the gang has ported the TouchWiz 4.0 UI to the Samsung Galaxy S. Pretty cool right? But bear in mind that messing around with custom ROMs is a risky business, so try it at your own peril. Well it’s still in its early stages and is obviously unstable, so don’t even think of trying if you’re new to this. The video however looks pretty good.

A dev named Fear2142 is the person responsible behind this and he is currently working on it and creating a list to see which custom ROMs are compatible with it and apparently he’s also looking for beta testers who feel up for the risk. The ROMs tested so far include RomKitchen Bet 2.1, Crikselo Rom v37 and a bunch of others. If you wish to install the custom ROM, you must take the file attached to the post at the XDA forum and install it with recovery. Empty the dalvic cache and copy the said files with root explorer and back up all your all files. Do this only if you feel up to it and are ready to face the consequences if something goes wrong.



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