5 Great Business Apps for iPhone – IOS

5 Great Business Apps for iPhone IOS
By Maria Rainier, guest Contributor

The IPhone and its IOS platform is still the king when it comes to shear number of apps available for download. As a result there are far too many applications to count. More and more small and medium size business professionals are switching to IOS from BlackBerry because of it’s unique infrastructure of different apps. Here are 5 apps great for business.


1. ITerminal

ITerminal is an application that lets you turn your iPhone in to a mobile point of sale. On the go and need a way to process credit card sales? ITerminal does just that. Just type in the information on the card, then the expiration date and security code, and ITerminal will process the mobile payment.

Price: Free (requires account)

2. Flight Track Pro

Anyone who’s business requires them to fly reasonably often has experienced the headaches of trying to figure out whether or not your flight has been delayed or even canceled while frantically trying to get to your gate. Flight Track Pro takes the hassle out of it by keeping track of preset flights for you and giving you information about arrival times and delays in one glance.

Price: $10

3. Analytics App

For those of us who run one or multiple websites as our main source of income, we live and die by knowing what’s working and what isn’t. Because of this we end up spending a lot of time studying various analytics about when and where we get the most traffic during a given period. Analytics App for IPhone gives you mobile access to all of that data so it’s accessible in your pocket.

Price: $6

4. PayPal

PayPal is the most popular dedicated payment service on the Internet and it just got a whole lot more useful with the PayPal iPhone app. The app allows users to keep track of recent transactions, make payments, transfer funds and even deposit checks directly from the app.

Price: Free

5. Quick Office Mobile Office Suite

Being able to read up on that Power Point presentation before the big meeting on your phone is one of the most useful things it can be used for. Quick Office Mobile allows you to do all of that and more. The app opens Power Point, Word and even Excel files and gives you a few easy editing tools to clean them up. All in all an app no professional should be without.

Price: $15

Bio: Maria Rainier is a freelance writer and blogger for First in Education where she’s recently written about online natural science programs along with a guide to online cartography programs. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, traveling, and working with origami.


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