Android Basics: Get Notified With Every New Message Once Per Email Thread (Gmail App Tip)

We recently posted on how to manage syncing in Gmail on your Android device. Now we have another tip for the Gmail users. There is an option to be notified of just the first e-mail in a thread, or with each sequential massage of the thread, depending on your preferences. The recent updates to the Gmail app has pushed the settings further in the menu. However, you can now change the settings yourself with this tip!

Follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Gmail app.

2. Tap Menu > More > Settings

3. Tap the account

you want to manage

4. Go down to the bottom and choose the labels to notify

5. Select inbox then the bottom option “notify once” is what you wish to toggle

After checking the box, you will be notified of just the first message, but if you are one of those who read each and every email, you can always uncheck the box to ensure notification when each message arrives.


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