Android Basics: Manage Syncing In Gmail On Your Android Device

I know many of you prefer Gmail over other mail

services. But things can get messy with your inbox! If you would like to get things organized, and you already have a bunch of labels set up, you can have a look at this tip!

Here is a tip which can help you manage what labels sync to your Android device, and how far the sync goes for each label individually.

Follow this simple tip:

Step 1: Open the Gmail application

Step 2: Tap

Make sure that when you , you are getting.

menu > More > Settings

Step 3: Press on the desired account

Step 4: Go down to Sync inboxes and label

Step 5: Select the label and choose whether you want it to sync none, the past 4 days, or all of the label.

Easy isn’t it? A handy tip that aids you on the go that put aside the email you don’t need.


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