How to Download or Remove Android Apps

Downloading and installing applications or games on to your android is a very easy task. It is recommended that you install applications directly from the android market, which can be found here. There are some free apps while some of them require a payment. Read on to find out how to download android apps. The procedure for downloading free apps: Step 1. Choose the item you want to download and click on the Install button. You will see a pop up like this. Step 2. Click on INSTALL … [Read more...]

5 Great Business Apps for iPhone – IOS

5 Great Business Apps for iPhone IOS By Maria Rainier, guest Contributor The IPhone and its IOS platform is still the king when it comes to shear number of apps available for download. As a result there are far too many applications to count. More and more small and medium size business professionals are switching to IOS from BlackBerry because of it’s unique infrastructure of different apps. Here are 5 apps great for business.   1. ITerminal ITerminal is an application … [Read more...]

5 Great Business Apps for Android

5 Great Business Apps for Android By Maria Rainier, guest contributer Android recently took over IOS as the number one smartphone platform in the world and the popularity of the platform has lead to an app market populated with over 100k apps. More and more business professionals are switching to Android for the power and versatility of the platform. Here are 5 Apps perfect for business professionals on the Android platform.     1. PayPal The ease of use and … [Read more...]

How to Forward a Text to a Group List on an Android Phone

Sending across a text message to a group of people can be a pretty tedious task in an Android phone if you have to manually select each contact. It is also quite annoying to keep checking whether all the contacts have received the text. The obvious solution would be to create a group of your contacts and forwarding the text to all the contacts in the group. The Contacts and Messaging applications that come pre-loaded with your android are not capable of forwarding a text to a group of contacts. … [Read more...]

How to Sideload Applications on an Android Device

One of the primary questions an android user has to ask is how to sideload applications. Though it works with most carriers, some carriers do not let you do it. The necessity of sideloading might be for a developer or just an user trying to install a non market application. Just follow these 4 simple steps to learn how to sideload applications on android. Step 1. You need to download Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine. It is a simple Windows program which enables you to install an … [Read more...]

How to Take a Screenshot on your Samsung Captivate.

Most Android phones have a simple key combo that gives you a screenshot. The Captivate has this too, but no one knows how to use it. We've been able to accidently do it once, but have since been unable to duplicate the right combination of keys.  Most apps for screenshots end up forcing you to root your phone  -  the easiest way to take screenshots, but rooting your phone renders your warranty void most of the time. If you do not mind rooting your device, we have directions here. How to take … [Read more...]

How to set up Google Voice as your voicemail provider

I am assuming that you have Google Voice installed on your device. If not, then kindly do so using this link. Now that you have Google Voice installed, you can start using various services offered by Google Voice. One of these useful services is the voicemail service which you can use in place of your mobile carrier service. I shall now show you how to set up Google Voice as your voicemail provider. Step 1: Click on the Google Voice launcher icon. A pop-up will appear … [Read more...]

Updated Apple Store App To Go Live Tomorrow

Apple has now updated the official Apple Store App for iPhone. Apple has updated the Apple Store to Apple Store 2.0 which brings some changes to the layout and functionality of the app. Moreover it is being speculated that the new iPhone app for the store will allow users to custom order Macs. This means that you would be able to pick your own Mac with your choice of hardware. Users will be given the liberty to choose the processor, hard drive and so on. This app would also offer everything … [Read more...]

Mozilla Updates Firefox For Android Which Enables Private Browsing

We all know how security is a priority to us all, especially when it comes to browsing (for undisclosed reasons). And now Mozilla has gone a step further in providing better security for its Android browser users. The dev team at Mozilla have now introduced the private browsing feature on the Android version of Firefox known as the 'Do Not Track' feature. This will enable the users to turn off the the feature where websites can track you. This is inspired by the HTTP reader which garnered great … [Read more...]

Remove Unwanted Folders From Your Gallery With Gallery Excluder [Android]

Most of you would be annoyed with unwanted and unnecessary images that are eating up space in your phone's gallery. To solve that a user from XDA Forums named knox420 has developed an app called Gallery Excluder. And like the name suggests, it does the vital job of removing unwanted images or wallpapers from your Android gallery. A user can basically select the folder that he does not wish to see in his gallery and organize it accordingly. And when the user is done checking the boxes, he must … [Read more...]