Fring launches Group Video Calling; currently in Beta

Video calling is a vital part of most of our lives. We always want to get up close and personal with the one they’re having a conversation with. But you may have faced the problem of being able to have the video chat with only one user. Fring solves just that. They have launched the Group Video Calling feature on their app which will pretty much let you have a video chat with a group of friends. But this app is only available in Beta for the time being. If you make video calls a lot or want … [Read more...]

Official MozyHome App for Android on the horizon

MozyHome, the online file backup service will soon be hitting the Android Market. Currently listed as coming soon on Android, MozyHome was announced for iOS today. As per the press release, the MozyHome app will let users post pictures to facebook, document viewing will be supported with Android v2.0 and further, and will give remote access to users' files. The app will be downloadable for free, but they need to have a login ID on MozyHome. Apparently an improved MozyPro app will be launched … [Read more...]

Galaxy on Fire 2 launched in the Android Market

The Galaxy on Fire 2 has been released by Fishlabs Entertainment and is now available in the Android Market. Previously in the Beta stage, the company has now released the final version of the game. This game belongs to the Nvidia Tegra Zone team, so high end graphics is expected. Here’s a shocker though. The game although available in the Android Market, is playable only with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play which by the way hasn’t released in the US yet. And it’s priced at $11.26, that’s not … [Read more...]

In-App purchasing feature will come to Android next week

Android will be getting the in-app purchasing feature next week; much like iOS did way back in 2009. What does this mean? Well basically, the app developers will be able to charge a fee for some functions or features within the app. This new function will result in an obvious revenue increase for the developers. According to an iOS based survey, developers generate about $1 a month per user in a month compared to the $8 a month with in-app purchases. Currently the devs will be able to add … [Read more...]

Gameloft to provide games exclusively through the Amazon App Store

The popular gaming giant, Gameloft has announced that they would be joining hands with the Amazon App Store and distribute games for Android via them exclusively. Gameloft has stressed its users to trust the company and not be worried about any malicious content which has been associated with the Android Market of late. Gameloft also mentioned the reason behind joining forces with Amazon; according to them, the policies that Amazon follows and the strictness involved in approving every app is … [Read more...]

Official Formula 1 App now available in the Android Market

We all love Formula 1 racing, don’t we? Well some of us do. And for those fans, there’s good news. has now launched the official Formula 1 Android app in the Android Market, which will keep users updated with the latest happenings in and around the Formula 1 circuit. This app will provide users with track info, live updates as the races are going on, weather reports, standings, text commentary etc. The efficiency of the app will be revealed when the F1 season officially begins, … [Read more...]

Amazon App Store could be available to AT&T users soon

The recently launched Amazon’s Android App Store has gained widespread attention from writers all over the blogosphere. The idea of an alternative app store to Google’s Android Market is very amusing. Offering discounts on various apps and providing new offers regularly, it will probably give the Android Market a run for its money. Well, some AT&T users though are facing some restrictions when trying to access the Amazon App Store. This basically is a restriction imposed by AT&T itself. … [Read more...]

Opera Mini and Opera Mobile gets updated on Android

The makers of the Opera browser have always been working hard to make their browser as efficient, lag free and quick as possible. They’ve been involved in the clash between Android browsers since quite some time. And they’ve made some significant changes to their browser so that they could come on top. And yesterday, they updated the Opera Mini and the Opera Mobile browser which is now downloadable from the Android Market. For people who don’t know, the Opera Mini browser is used with … [Read more...]

Mozilla Firefox 4 RC now available for Android and Maemo

Makers of Firefox, Mozilla, made it clear in February that they will be bringing the Firefox 4 Beta to Android which would “enhance the experience”. And now they’ve made Firefox 4 available as a release candidate for Android and Maemo devices. And as Mozilla promised, this new version provides better browsing and enhances the experience and provides better sensitivity, and also comes with tabbed browsing and add-ons. It also lets you download files, get directions, gives you direct access to a … [Read more...]

Facebook for Android updated with a bunch of new features

The official Facebook app for Android has been updated, yet again. And it brings some new features to the table, some of them include, better landscape mode performance for those preferring to do their business sideways and the capability to post pictures on your friend's walls and on group pages. These minor changes though not significant enough to leave an impression on you, are quite handy and will be helpful to all you die hard facebookers out there. The app is downloadable from the Android … [Read more...]