PlayStation Suite officially confirmed for Android devices

Confirming recent rumors, Nvidia has now clarified that the PlayStation Suite will be brought to the Tegra Zone. The PlayStation Suite was initially made to bring PlayStation One games to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, but will now make its way to Android devices running on Nvidia's Tegra 2 processors and Android 2.3 Gingerbread, in addition to that, the next gen PSP games will be available as well. Sony will also launch a PlayStation store in the Android Market where users can download games … [Read more...]

Taptu v1.3 for Android with newly added features

The popular feed reader app Taptu has updated its Android version of the application to version 1.3 with some new customizable features. This new update apparently makes you a "news DJ" which holds true in every aspect. You may add news feeds of your choice using Taptu's preloaded site feeds, Google Reader, Bing Search or even add Facebook and Twitter streams and like or retweet directly from the app. You can also add multiple streams, or even categorize a number of streams based on your … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Mobile app for Android

If you're a budding businessman and would like to start your own business, the Entrepreneur magazine will walk you through the different aspects of business. But now, Entrepreneur Mobile have their very own Android app in the MarketPlace, giving you access to all the dos and don'ts about business. You will have access to their vast collection of info regarding tips and tricks of the trade and what to do and what not to and how to do it. The various info can be easily customized according to … [Read more...]

Monster Jobs Search app for Android the premier job search site now have their official app on the Android Market. This app brings Monster job search onto your Android device, making it easier to browse through jobs. If you've been a victim of the economic downturn, this should be the thing for you. It's always easier to access apps than to log onto your browser and search for jobs. Monster search will find the suitable job for you based on your location info. You may apply or browse through jobs, access your Monster … [Read more...]

Automated Away Text app for Android

Automated Away Text for Android which launched way back in December seems like a pretty cool app. When you miss a call, this app automatically sends the sender a text saying you can't get to the phone, or any sort of message - the App allows the user to set about 5 messages to send, and even specify who gets this message from the settings page.  You can also set the app to send replies to texts you receive. The UI is pretty intuitive and responsive, the colors are very good. This app might … [Read more...]

Official app now available in the Android Market

The official Android app is now available in the Android Market for download. This app lets you search for cars, compare prices of different cars and do much more on your fingertips with one tap. This app is compatible with most Android devices out there running on Android 1.6 or further, and lets you browse through the suitable car for you, matching your budgetary needs. You may also get in touch with car dealers, get directions to the respective dealership, view pictures of the … [Read more...]

Photo app Vignette’s new version makes updates easier [Android]

The popular photography app Vignette is now listed as 'deprecated' in the Android Market and a new variant of the app is listed as the 'new version'. Confused ? Well, the creators of the original Vignette app Neil and Theresa clarified that they made some errors in the 2009 version of the app and it got very difficult to continue updating. And hence they decided to come up with a new version of the app, since there were no other options available to them. The already existing users who will … [Read more...]

Comcast’s Xfinity app for Android

The Xfinity app by Comcast is now available in the Android Market, joining a list of cable operators who have come up with their own Android app. This app was first seen on the iOS platform crossing over 1.3 million downloads and now finally hits the Android Market. This app basically keeps you updated about the shows, times, lets you change channels and much more. Matt Strauss, GM and President of Comcast Interactive said - "Android has a passionate, loyal and growing fan base who we believe … [Read more...]

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta for Android is here

Mozilla have launched their latest Firefox 4 Beta browser for Android in the Android Market. Mozilla Firefox has been a very popular web browser since a very long time, and they've put in their best into this version of the smartphone browser too. Firefox 4 Beta for Android is much faster and stable than ever. Mozilla's aim was to improve the browsing experience and performance with this new version. Many of the new perks with the latest update of Firefox include, better sensitivity, faster … [Read more...]

Unfriend Watch for Android lets you know when you’ve been dumped on facebook

We all know how deeply attached to facebook we have become, well some of us at least. And live facebook notifications make it just a tad easier for us to stay updated with the recent happenings on the site. But wouldn't it be nice to be updated when you've been dumped/unfriended by a friend on facebook ? Dumping or being dumped on facebook is a very common affair, so this new Android app called "Unfriend Watch" which is now available in the Android Market, updates you when a friend dumps you … [Read more...]