Best Buy Lists the HP TouchPad As “Coming Soon”

Retailer Best Buy has now put up the HP TouchPad as “coming soon” on its website which is good news for all us tablet lovers especially when its something like webOS. Best Buy has listed the device with all its specifications and features. Best Buy has only listed the device as coming soon and not given out pricing details or any sort of a launch date. But since it is listed as coming soon, it could mean that a launch is inevitable and is on the horizon which is pretty good news.

Some might think HP are a bit late to the party but better late than never right? Well, it would be very interesting to see as to how the newest iteration of webOS would perform on a bigger screen. With all the webOS goodness packed in with a 1.2 GHz dual core Snapdragon processor along with 1 GB of RAM, we could have a winner at our hands. We’ve also heard about the TouchPad’s heavy integration with other webOS devices. Users will get to choose from a 16GB and a 32 GB variant of the TouchPad. Keep an eye out on Best Buy’s website for any more info on this. Lets hope the usability of the device is as impressive as its hardware.

HP TouchPad



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