Flow for Android brings all of Facebook’s missing features

As all the Android users already know, the official facebook app isn’t as good as it ought to be. There are still a lot of things that this app can’t do. Like for instance, you can’t tag people in posts or photos, you can’t like comments, and there are no push notifications.

But the Flow app for Android, brings all of these missing features to your Android device. Facebook added push notifications into their latest Android update, but pulled it out after two days because the app stopped functioning. But the Flow app comes as a relief to all those users craving for push notifications and more. Flow also notifies you for follow-up comments, wall posts, lets you like comments and posts, lets you tag people in posts and in pictures and keeps you updated with other activities. You may also set a page as favorite to access them quickly the next time you log in.

Flow brings an array of features to your Android device which the official facebook app doesn’t provide. This could be a wake up call for facebook to come up with an official update to their app which would feature all the said functions. But for now Flow is the only saving grace for all you die-hard facebook’ers. The Flow app is available for free in the Android Market, but is ad enabled. In order to spare yourself from advertisements you can purchase the paid version from the Market for $1.61. We suggest you get your hands on this app sooner rather than later.

Via: LifeHacker


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