Google’s Test Device For The Ice Cream Sandwich [Rumor]

Ice Cream Sandwich Test Device

Google’s next said mobile platform update, the Ice Cream Sandwich has been making rounds in the web for quite some time. But nobody had an idea as to what it would look like or how it would perform. But now a leaked image has surfaced, which shows a handset which reportedly is the test device for Google’s very own Ice Cream Sandwich. The image just shows a cellphone turned off, which has absolutely no keys below which could either mean that the keys appear when the display is turned on, or could mean that it is much like Honeycomb where the keys are built into the software. After all, this update is said to bring most of Honeycomb’s features to smartphones. We’re not sure if this image is authentic or of a genuine device, but one thing is for sure, leaks like these do tingle our nerd brains. The device apparently was caught running on HSPA+ and Sprint’s CDMA network.

To speak more of Google’s next version of the Nexus series, it is said that it would either be made by HTC or LG. Well, we’d pick the former to be honest, but LG isn’t a bad bet either. The launch of Google’s next device and the Ice Cream Sandwich update is expected sometime during the end of the year (or so we hope). With Android moving at the speed of light, we would definitely like to taste the Ice Cream Sandwich, given the amount of features that it is said to bring to the platform.

Via: Android Central

Source: TechHog


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