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Adjusting Settings and Options in an Application
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Here is a simple How To that will show you how to make changes and to set up options in any application and/or different items on your phone.
For this one, it is better if we do a few different examples.

Everything revolves around the Menu button on your phone.

1. Books. I am reading “Great Expectations” on my phone whenever I am stuck somewhere waiting, like at the Doctor’s office. When in the Google Books app, pressing the Menu button gives me a menu of options, from viewing the contents to adjusting the Text size.

2. Calendar. Open up the app and press the Menu button – you can search create or delete items, among other things.

3. From the Home screen. Press the Menu button and you can see the menu that allows you to fiddle with wallpaper, search, edit and do
some other things to make your phone more user friendls.

Obviously I could go on and on and this is a very, very basic tutorial for a very basic function on your  Android phone. Yet, I find that it is easy to overlook this function or to just never know it exists. Get used to hitting the menu button on your phone to see what options you have!










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