How To Change Fonts In Your Messaging App Using GoSMS Pro

Tired of the boring default Android font on your SMS screen? If you’re an avid phone customizer, you would probably want more options for fonts as you would on a word processor. You may not be able to do this with your stock Messaging app, but you can change your fonts in your SMS screens – conversation and messages list – with an app called GoSMS Pro. Here’s how:

Install GoSMS Pro

You’ll need to go to the Android Market and download the app. It’s free!

Install Fonts

There are lots of font packs in the Market, but most of them are not free. However, one that is free and have quite a lot of fonts is the app called Font SMS (Pro). Download it, but don’t open the app itself.

Changing Fonts for Conversation List

The Conversation List is a list of all your messages, sorted by sender. It usually contains the sender’s name, time and date sent, and the first line of the message.

  • Open GoSMS Pro and go to Menu>Settings>Appearance Settings. Make sure you tap on the Advanced tab on top of the screen.

  • Go to Appearance Settings>Scan font packages. The phone will do a quick scan for newly installed font packages. It should say “1 font package found”. Remember that you need to have Font SMS Pro installed at this point. Once that’s done, you should be back on the previous menu screen.

  • Tap on Conv. List customization. This brings you to a template of your current Conversation list screen. Here you can change the background, choose to display contact pictures, most importantly, change fonts for contacts, time and messages

  • Choose the font you want to change – contact or time and message.  In the example below, we are changing the Time and message font.  Beside Package, tap on the dropdown list. You should see Font SMS Pro from the list, tap on it. You may now choose from the list beside Font. You can also change font style (normal, bold, italic) beside Style. Tap on the – and + buttons to adjust font size. Your changes will be shown real time on the sample screen above.

  • When you’re happy with your fonts, just press the back button on your phone. It should give you an option to save or overwrite an existing setting. It’s recommended to choose New at this point and give the font makeover a simple name.


And just like that, you get a whole new look for your messages! See the difference?

You can do same thing for your individual conversations. Just go back to the Advanced Menu>Appearance Settings and choose Conversation customization and follow the same steps. With a few tweaks on the background, you can have something like this:

Now that’s a fun way to read and reply to your messages. Text messaging shouldn’t be a routine and boring experience. Give it a try and get creative with your fonts, it just might be the makeover your phone needs!



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