How to Forward a Text to a Group List on an Android Phone

Sending across a text message to a group of people can be a pretty tedious task in an Android phone if you have to manually select each contact. It is also quite annoying to keep checking whether all the contacts have received the text. The obvious solution would be to create a group of your contacts and forwarding the text to all the contacts in the group. The Contacts and Messaging applications that come pre-loaded with your android are not capable of forwarding a text to a group of contacts. You can overcome this glitch by installing a free messaging software from the android market. You can create a Contacts group by logging in to your Gmail. Read on to find out How to Forward a Text to a Group List on an Android Phone.

Step 1. Go to the Android Market, select a third-party messaging application such as ChompSMS or HandcentSMS, download and install it.

Step 2. Open the messaging application, you will see a list of Contacts and their messaging threads.

Step 3. Open the thread which contains the text to be forwarded.

Step 4. Touch and hold the text that you wish to send.

Step 5. Select the “Forward” option.

Step 6. You will see a blue/green coloured “+” icon on the top right of the new message window, press it. Touch on the tab that says “Groups“.

Step 7. Choose the group.

Step 8. Confirm that the text is exactly what you want to forward and then touch the “Send” button.

Note: You can not create a group out of your contacts through the Android’s contact list. To do so, you need to log into Gmail from the browser or from a personal computer and then create groups. Synchronisation with your android takes a few seconds.

Suppose you send a single message to 10 people together, It counts as 10 messages not one message. Make sure you do not overshoot your SMS limit for the day.

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