How to Sideload Applications on an Android Device

One of the primary questions an android user has to ask is how to sideload applications. Though it works with most carriers, some carriers do not let you do it. The necessity of sideloading might be for a developer or just an user trying to install a non market application. Just follow these 4 simple steps to learn how to sideload applications on android.

Step 1. You need to download Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine. It is a simple Windows program which enables you to install an android app or a .apk file. Install the software by running the installer, which also puts up a link on your desktop. Many of the other ways to enable sideloading need root access which is not easy to acquire but wonder machine does not need a root and is very simple and easy to use.

Step 2. You need to enable USB Debugging on your device. You can do this by going to Settings>Applications>Development>USB Debugging. In order to sideload applications, USB debugging need to be ON at all times!

Step 3. Now you can download whatever .apk file is required for the application you have in mind. Put it into a folder who’s location you can easily remember.

Step 4. Connect your device to the computer via USB (preferably at the back panel of your computer) and run the wonder machine. When the program has loaded, Select the the button named “Choose APK“. Browse for the app you previously downlaoded in the standard windows file chooser, select and open it. Read the dialog that opens up and click on OK.

Now click on the Install button and you are done. You just sideloaded a non-market application.

You can download the Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine from this link.

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