How to Root your Samsung Captivate the Easy Way

If you've had your Android phone for any length of time and are even the slightest bit interested in "tweaking" your phone, no doubt you've probably heard about the advantages of "rooting" your phone. By rooting, you can basically break free from your carriers' restrictions on what apps you can load, get rid of unwanted pre-installed apps, and even put a completely custom version of Android on your phone. A lot of the rooting instructions for the Samsung Galaxy S phones out here on the web … [Read more...]

QR Codes – How To, What For

When I came over from iPhone Land, I of course wanted to get back some of my favorite apps. This began a somewhat terrible experience trying to find my way around the Android Marketplace. If there is one thing that Google should do well, you would think it would be to search well, and to optimize search results. The reality, however, is not quite that nice. Enter QR codes. QR (Quick Response) codes are basically just bar codes. Scan such a code with your camera phone and you will be taken … [Read more...]

Adjusting the Brightness on an Android phone

One of the biggest users of battery power on any Android smart phone is the screen. Most of the time you don't need the screen on the brightest setting unless you are outside in bright sun. It is better to either set the brightness to self-adjust according to the ambient light of your surroundings or to set it manually. There are basically two ways to adjust the brightness: Under Settings, navigate to Sound and Display. Scroll down and hit "Brightness" Here you can manually adjust the … [Read more...]

How to Enable Swype on your Android Phone

Swype is a special input method for touch screen phones that allows you to slide your finger across the letters to make words. It has a traditional QWERTY keyboard and is just like typing, except you don't have to lift a finger. The concept of Swype is to text fast and easy, sliding one finger to each letter of a word only lifting to indicate a space between words, takes less time then clicking each letter and space manually. Swype has a input path analyzer, a word search engine, and a … [Read more...]