Jajah for Android Brings Facebook Calling


You might have come across a bunch of voice calling apps like Skype or Tango, but have you ever seen an app which can make Facebook calls? Well, there is such app now.

This app is called Jajah and it brings the feature to make voice calls to your Facebook friends. Here’s how it works:

  • A user has to first make a call to his online Facebook friend.
  • After the call is made, the user on the other end will receive a link which will be forwarded to Jajah’s website where they will be connected to the user.

This comes more handy than other voice calling softwares, mainly because of the fact that the user on the other end doesn’t require this app to access this function. And with Facebook being the global phenomenon that it is today, we think this app could see gain popularity in no time if marketed in the right way. Though it must be noted that the app uses your network’s minutes to make calls, so be careful when making calls. I think it’s a very good concept, but could it be as popular as we think it would be? Some people might argue about the need for this kind of an application, but innovations are always welcome these days. So let’s hope it all turns out good for Jajah.

Also to be noted that Skype added the function to call it’s Facebook contacts with the new Skype 5. So this isn’t something we haven’t seen, of course this is a tad different from Skype, but the idea is basically the same.



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