Keep Game Save Files Synchronized Across All Android Devices With SaveShare

Majority of gamers have shifted to smartphones and tablets for playing their favorite games. However, the issue of keeping the saved games in sync has existed for a while now but an app from an independent Android developer may have solved the problem. SaveShare is a new app by WalkerApps that claims to keep the game save files synchronized across all the Android devices whether they are smartphones, media players, tablets or anything else.

The magical Dropbox stores the files allowing you to have an accessible backup of everything.

The app also allows users to sync the game to save progress between all the Android devices. They can play a game on any Android device and then pick it

up later and carry on where they left. Top games and emulators are supported by the app. The app would need to support the game of choice in order to work, with an update in the works for more games and a visual redesign.

The reviews on the Andorid Market shows the app has done good so far. The app doesn’t require to root the device so security isn’t a concern. Right now, the supported games include Asphalt 6 HD, Duke Nukem 3G, World of Goo, GTA III and our favorite Angry Birds.

Those who love games on their Android device may want to check this out. The app has a lower price tag at

just $0.93 and is a good option for game saves.

You can download SaveShare from this link.

Let us know if you try it!


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