Mozilla Updates Firefox For Android Which Enables Private Browsing


We all know how security is a priority to us all, especially when it comes to browsing (for undisclosed reasons). And now Mozilla has gone a step further in providing better security for its Android browser users. The dev team at Mozilla have now introduced the private browsing feature on the Android version of Firefox known as the ‘Do Not Track’ feature. This will enable the users to turn off the the feature where websites can track you. This is inspired by the HTTP reader which garnered great reviews from all. You will have to make your way to the browser preferences, check the ‘Tell sites not to track me’ button and you’re done. It’s that simple.

Security and Privacy Official at Mozilla Corp, Sid Stamm stated in a blog post that the idea behind the implementation of this feature is to provide users with the same amount of features as the desktop version of the popular browser. He also goes on to say that the signals that this service sends are very similar to the signals sent by the desktop version of the browser to the websites. Mozilla has tried to make it as less complicated as possible which is great to say the least. But users will have to give the final verdict on the usability of the service. Users can download the Mozilla Firefox Beta for Android now by heading over to this link.

Companies like Apple and Google were criticized not so long ago for tracking and storing user locations without the knowledge of the users(though a disclaimer is given when the phone is first booted or instructions are provided in the user manual). This clearly states that security is a major concern with users around the globe. Nobody likes to feel threatened with their security. Although this is not related to what Apple or Google were accused of, it looks like no company wants to take security lightly anymore. This looks more like a precautionary measure from Mozilla rather than something made out of genuine concern. But nonetheless, it is of great help for users.

Firefox Do Not Track



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