QR Codes – How To, What For

Go ahead and scan it.

When I came over from iPhone Land, I of course wanted to get back some of my favorite apps. This began a somewhat terrible experience trying to find my way around the Android Marketplace. If there is one thing that Google should do well, you would think it would be to search well, and to optimize search results. The reality, however, is not quite that nice. Enter QR codes. QR (Quick Response) codes are basically just bar codes. Scan such a code with your camera phone and you will be taken directly to the app in Android Marketplace. Forget searching for it. Of course you need to install a QR Code scanner such as Google Goggles in order to scan the QR Code.

But wait! There is much more to QR Codes than just Apps on the Android Marketplace. QR codes can be generated by anyone using online tools such as over at Qurify.com.

The future of QR codes might be in business for advertising – putting QR codes on fliers, advertisements etc, and also connecting people through social media outlets. Anyone running a small (or big) business can generate a QR code that would contain contact information, storefront location, links to pictures and web address.
It will be interesting to see where QR codes go in the coming years as smart phones become more and more ubiquitous.

Other Places to generate and use QR Codes:

Socialqrcode – Set up to help you connect to social media like Facebook and Twitter

Stickybits -Stickybits is most useful in connecting people and the things they like – music, youtube videos, reviews etc.

iCandy – “iCandy is a desktop application for your Mac or PC that lets you create and scan QR codes. It takes advantage of your webcam to scan QR codes from your computer. Think of it as the desktop publishing of QR codes.” – from the iCandy website


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