Samsung Galaxy S III To Be Launched During First Half Of 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S II has arguably been one of the hottest devices in the market and it sold over 120,000 in the first three days in South Korea. Well, even though South Korea is Samsung’s home, we can’t take away the credit from Samsung. But selling 120,000 units was old news, the handset has now surpassed sales of over 1 million units. Now that’s not just a number, given South Korea’s population of 48 million and odd, it is a remarkable achievement by Samsung. While other countries are still awaiting launch of the Galaxy S II, we now have a brief idea as to how it would sell.

With the Galaxy S II still sinking in to us, talks of its successor have already started. According to Samsung’s J.K. Shin, the Samsung Galaxy S III could be launched sometime during the first half of 2012. Given the popularity of the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S II, it’s way out of our imagination to think how the Galaxy III will be. Mr. Shin also said that Samsung will be launching a 4G version of the Galaxy Tab, right after the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 are launched next month. Well, it looks like a very busy year ahead for Samsung. We hope we get to see the best of their devices.

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