Samsung Making A Bid For Nokia? [Rumor]

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Nokia is a child which needs some support from others to survive, in other words an orphan. And with that, there have been a few rumors surfacing around the web which refer to an acquisition by Microsoft. This particular rumor has been heard for quite some time now, but now newer rumors reported by the Wall Street Journal suggests that Samsung, yes Samsung could be acquiring the Finnish giant Nokia. The South Korean biggie apparently is preparing a bid for Nokia, though the company calls it a standard procedure.

After Nokia’s poor sales this past quarter, Nokia’s shares took a major fall. This meant that the company’s market value came down to just $24 billion. Well, if Sammy actually acquires Nokia, it will of course be benefited, though not majorly. An acquisition of Nokia would mean that Samsung would have its hands on all of Nokia’s patents, which should make fighting Apple in court fairly easier than it is now. Though, top Samsung officials think that fighting Apple in court shouldn’t be that hard. And given Samsung’s current flow of sales with the Galaxy S II selling over a million units in South Korea alone, we think Samsung couldn’t actually considering this buy out.

If you’re the one for rumors, you might remember how fancied tech blogger Eldar Murtazin reported the other day that Microsoft could actually have made a bid of $19 billion to Nokia and that Nokia were asking for $25 billion instead. While all these rumors seem likely, there is absolutely no substance in them, though EM has been right about quite a few things in the past. Nokia will be launching a WP7 handset in Q4 which will be closely watched. So until then, there are going to be a bunch of rumors that the companies will have to deal with.



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