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Swype has and will change messaging on smart phones and tablets for good. I still remember, clearly, just a few years ago using a tiny numeric keyboard with T9 technology that guessed what the word would be. Swype is sort of life-changing, and even though i’ve used it for months now, I still marvel and am happily amused whenever I send full sentence messages to my iPhone friends at lightning quick speeds.

If you haven’t already, read our article on how to enable Swype on your Android phone. For those of you who have Swype, here is a short article about a few things to make your Swype experience even easier.

Swype Double Letters

Do a little whirl to type double letters

A good amount of words that we use often in messaging have double letters – too, good, call, soon, food, pool, cook, school, mall, pizza, for example. Swyping double letters is simple. When you get to the letter, do a little whirl or squiggle over the letter and then move on. You will have your double letter. Don’t forget that this works for the space bar.

Swype Punctuation

Swype punctuation works a few ways. Notice that the comma and period are next to the spacebar and have secondary punctuation – a hyphen and single qoute. The period and comma are single press, primary buttons. To access secondary items on a button, you would normally hold down the button for a little longer than normal. However, you can also swipe a few of these secondary buttons which makes things a little faster. You can swipe from the period or comma to the spacebar, and depending you will get the hyphen or the single qoute mark. You can also swipe from the “L” secondary button to get the double qoute.

Swype Exclamation and Question Marks.

Just like the hyphen and single qoute, you can swipe from the question mark and exclamation mark to the space bar to get these punctuations. (This also works for the Spanish equivalent for the preceding upside-down question mark and exclamation mark – but you must press the  “SYM” button to get Symbol layer of buttons first).

Miscellaneous Swype Keyboard Methods

Swype Capital Letters
If you want to write in all CAPS, then simply hold down the CAPS button and it will keep the CAPS Lock on.

The Double Hold
Holding down a button for a little while will bring up the secondary symbol. Hold it down for a little longer and a menu showing all the button layers will pop up.

The Swype algorithm is pretty robust, so do’t worry about being overly accurate. If you are close, Swype will usually figure it out. If not, just double tap the word that is wrong and up will pop a window with possible corrections.

Turn off Swype
To switch between Swype and the Android keyboard, simply open up a new message and hold down on the white messaging area of the screen. A menu of keyboard choices will appear and you can select between keyboards.

Note: We are not affiliated in any way with Swype. For further tutorials visit the official Swype page.





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