Windows 8 For Tablets: What Does It Mean To Us?

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Operating System has been the subject of talk and debate since some time, well ever since the rumors started surfacing at least. Most of them based on how Microsoft would improve the Windows 8 platform. And just when we started thinking about it, new rumors surfaced on the web which suggested that Microsoft could well be preparing an OS optimized for tablets as well, given the recent trend and demand of the tablets. And yesterday, the company formally unveiled the Windows 8 … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S III To Be Launched During First Half Of 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S II has arguably been one of the hottest devices in the market and it sold over 120,000 in the first three days in South Korea. Well, even though South Korea is Samsung's home, we can't take away the credit from Samsung. But selling 120,000 units was old news, the handset has now surpassed sales of over 1 million units. Now that's not just a number, given South Korea's population of 48 million and odd, it is a remarkable achievement by Samsung. While other countries are still … [Read more...]

Windows 8 Tablet UI To Be Previewed Next Week At Two Separate Events

By now we already know that Microsoft will be demonstrating the Windows 8 for tablets at the All Things Digital D9 conference next month, and now it seems like there's more proof about that. Some sources have told Bloomberg, that Windows 8 for tablets will be demoed next week. Actually rumors of Windows' newest tablet OS has been making rounds in the web since quite some time. But recent rumors have added more spice to it. Microsoft has also made it clear that it will be launching Windows 8 … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer Available From Today On Best Buy

Best Buy's website listed the HTC Flyer as available for pre order when we checked yesterday. The device was originally said to be available for purchase from tomorrow onwards. But now a leaked document shows that the Flyer could be available as early as now. A memo directed towards Best Buy officials states that the HTC Flyer's ‘hard street date’ has been relaxed which means that Best Buy retailers are supposed to sell the tablet if they have it in stock, if they don't though they will have to … [Read more...]

Best Buy Lists the HP TouchPad As “Coming Soon”

Retailer Best Buy has now put up the HP TouchPad as "coming soon" on its website which is good news for all us tablet lovers especially when its something like webOS. Best Buy has listed the device with all its specifications and features. Best Buy has only listed the device as coming soon and not given out pricing details or any sort of a launch date. But since it is listed as coming soon, it could mean that a launch is inevitable and is on the horizon which is pretty good news. Some might … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Could Make Its Way To Verizon With LTE

Even though Verizon is currently plagued by 4G LTE coverage shortage, there doesn't seem to be any shortage of new rumors on Big Red's network. Well, it is being said that Verizon could launch a LTE enabled tablet soon, and that tablet would be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. This info is available from Verizon's leaked product database which clearly suggests that Samsung's latest tablet could feature on Verizon with LTE coverage. The number SCH-I905 could well be the Galaxy Tab's preliminary model … [Read more...]

ViewSonic ViewPad 7x Could Be the First 7-Inch Honeycomb Tablet

The Honeycomb tablets that we see today are generally the ones with a 10.1 inch display, but we were quite eager to know if there would a smaller Honeycomb tablet lined up for us. And now there seems to be one such tablet. The tablet will be made by ViewSonic and will be known as ViewPad 7x. This looks like a rumor, so take this with a pinch of salt for now, but we cannot disregard the device's existence. A renowned website claims the authenticity of the device, in fact it seems like they have … [Read more...]

Sony to Launch Two Honeycomb Tablets This Fall

It seemed like Sony was lagging behind in the race for the best Android tablet. But now Sony has submitted its bid to that position with the announcement of the company's first ever Android tablet, two of them actually. These two tablets will run Android 3.0 Honeycomb and have been named S1 and S2(though we expect Sony to give the devices an appropriate name once the launch date is near). The S1 is the bigger of the lot with a 9.4-inch display, the S2 however is smaller but has two 5.5 inch … [Read more...]

Best Buy to Start Pre-Orders for the HTC Flyer from the 25th of April

The HTC Flyer tablet which made its first appearance at the MWC in Spain is all geared up for pre-orders. Best Buy will start taking pre-orders for the device on the 25th of April which is a couple of days from now. The 16GB model will cost you $499, but bear in mind that this is a Gingerbread running tablet and not a Honeycomb tablet like you would expect from a new Android tablet, so that’s a disappointment. Though HTC did mention the possibility of a future Honeycomb update, given the fact … [Read more...]

T-Mobile G-Slate Now Available on a $100 Discount

T-Mobile's first ever 4G tablet the G-Slate went on sale on the 20th of April and now it seems like there's a discount coming your way. Apparently, T-Mobile is providing a $100 discount on a two year contract for purchasers who buy the G-Slate with data plans before the 27th of April, but isn't without a catch of course. Well, the catch is that you have to call T-Mo on 866-464-8662, select option 3 and use the promo code GSLATE100. You can catch the lines Monday to Friday between 5AM to 8PM, … [Read more...]