How To Sync Your Facebook Data To Your Contacts

Facebook has become an integral part of lives, whether we admit it or not. With smart phones, it's now even easier to update our friends through the Facebook mobile app. One cool feature of Facebook for mobile is being able to sync your Facebook friends to your phone's contact list. It's something that the Facebook mobile app asks when you first install it - whether to sync all Facebook friends, or only those who are already in your phone book. If you've missed this step, or are not sure … [Read more...]

Smartr Contacts: The Intelligent Address Book For Your iPhone (Download)

Managing multiple accounts and profiles on different websites is not an easy task. It can lead to problems especially if your the forgetful type. But now this will not be a problem as Xobni has developed an app called 'Smartr Contacts'. cheaper viagra levitra cialis It is specifically for iPhone users and creates a contacts database on your email accounts. It aims to keep everyone you communicate with into one easy archive. It is a great tool and takes away the manual effort required to add … [Read more...]

How to Forward a Text to a Group List on an Android Phone

Sending across a text message to a group of people can be a pretty tedious task in an Android phone if you have to manually select each contact. It is also quite annoying to keep checking whether all the contacts have received the text. The obvious solution would be to create a group of your contacts and forwarding the text to all the contacts in the group. The Contacts and Messaging applications that come pre-loaded with your android are not capable of forwarding a text to a group of contacts. … [Read more...]