How To Sync Your Facebook Data To Your Contacts

Facebook has become an integral part of lives, whether we admit it or not. With smart phones, it's now even easier to update our friends through the Facebook mobile app. One cool feature of Facebook for mobile is being able to sync your Facebook friends to your phone's contact list. It's something that the Facebook mobile app asks when you first install it - whether to sync all Facebook friends, or only those who are already in your phone book. If you've missed this step, or are not sure … [Read more...]

‘Facebook Inside Xperia’ by Sony Ericsson to Deeply Integrate Facebook With Your Xperia Handset

Sony Ericsson has decided to deeply integrate its handsets with Facebook by announcing a new feature known as the 'Facebook Inside Xperia' which we feel is as appropriate as a name could get. Once logged in, users will be able to check out Facebook notifications right from the lock screen and access Facebook with the ability to like, comment or share the same with their other Facebook friends, all this directly from your gallery or music player on your Xperia device. With the help of the Xperia … [Read more...]

TweetDeck for iPhone Updated to Version 2.0

If you're a regular Twitter, Facebook user, you will definitely know about a bunch of clients to make things easier for you. TweetDeck is one such app. TweetDeck is a social networking client giving you a central interface in one screen. Well now the iPhone version of the popular app has been updated to version 2.0. The developers of TweetDeck claim that this version is more versatile than ever. This is possible because the whole twitter client has been given a new face, in other words it has … [Read more...]

Jajah for Android Brings Facebook Calling

You might have come across a bunch of voice calling apps like Skype or Tango, but have you ever seen an app which can make Facebook calls? Well, there is such app now. This app is called Jajah and it brings the feature to make voice calls to your Facebook friends. Here's how it works: A user has to first make a call to his online Facebook friend. After the call is made, the user on the other end will receive a link which will be forwarded to Jajah's website where they will be connected … [Read more...]

INQ Cloud Touch goes on sale in the UK

INQ’s Cloud Touch a.k.a the Facebook phone goes on sale in the UK today. People in the UK can buy this social networking oriented device running on top of Android for £299.95 ($489) without the SIM or at a £18 ($29) per month contract. There are a bunch of other Facebook phones lined up for launch. The prominent ones being the HTC Salsa and ChaCha (known as ChaChaCha in Spain). The INQ Cloud Touch features a 3.5-inch capacitive display with a resolution of 480x320 pixels, a 5MP camera, GPS, … [Read more...]

Facebook for Android updated with a bunch of new features

The official Facebook app for Android has been updated, yet again. And it brings some new features to the table, some of them include, better landscape mode performance for those preferring to do their business sideways and the capability to post pictures on your friend's walls and on group pages. These minor changes though not significant enough to leave an impression on you, are quite handy and will be helpful to all you die hard facebookers out there. The app is downloadable from the Android … [Read more...]

Flow for Android brings all of Facebook’s missing features

As all the Android users already know, the official facebook app isn't as good as it ought to be. There are still a lot of things that this app can't do. Like for instance, you can't tag people in posts or photos, you can't like comments, and there are no push notifications. But the Flow app for Android, brings all of these missing features to your Android device. Facebook added push notifications into their latest Android update, but pulled it out after two days because the app stopped … [Read more...]

Unfriend Watch for Android lets you know when you’ve been dumped on facebook

We all know how deeply attached to facebook we have become, well some of us at least. And live facebook notifications make it just a tad easier for us to stay updated with the recent happenings on the site. But wouldn't it be nice to be updated when you've been dumped/unfriended by a friend on facebook ? Dumping or being dumped on facebook is a very common affair, so this new Android app called "Unfriend Watch" which is now available in the Android Market, updates you when a friend dumps you … [Read more...]