Survey Indicates That Android Is Still On Top In Terms Of Market Share

Ever since Android stepped into the scene, other platforms (BlackBerry especially) have been having a hard time. But what could be the reason for that? Well, in my opinion it’s the open sourced nature of Android that has brought it where it is today. On the other hand there is Apple, which has a different set of customers with slightly different mindsets. The iPhone was launched in 2007 with much grandeur by Apple. Back then the iPhone was one of a kind, now with the emergence of Android, we get … [Read more...]

LG Optimus Black to Hit European Countries First, Followed by North America

The LG Optimus Black was shown off and announced at the CES convention and the MWC in Barcelona and has already received pre orders in over 50 countries with 56 carriers. The handset will be launched in 6 European countries followed by North America. The Optimus Black is the first handset by LG with a NOVA display which promises better blacks and whites on the display. The screen basically is brighter than the iPhone 4's Retina Display. The battery consumption is not compromised with the … [Read more...]

LG Optimus 3D Given an Official Launch Date

Smartphone technology has evolved dramatically, just a few years ago touchscreen phones were introduced and now we have phones with 3 Dimensional displays. One such device is the LG Optimus 3D. The Optimus 3D was first demonstrated and announced at the MWC but nobody knew when we would see it in the market. But now Clove UK has said that the device will hit its inventory on the 6th of June. And will be available for £379+ VAT which adds up to £454.80 ($753). The 3D functionalities on the … [Read more...]

Sidekick 4G to be available on RadioShack on April 20th

RadioShack today has tweeted that the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G will be launched on the 20th of April, which is 3 weeks from now. This announcement means that the LG G2x, the LG G-Slate and the Sidekick 4G would all be launched on the same network on the same day. April 20th is going to be a rather tough day for T-Mobile with all their stores filled in with customers. It's very unusual to see something like this happen. Generally you see a single flagship device being launched rather than three … [Read more...]