Android Basics: Simple Tip To Increase The Battery Life Of Your Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is surely one of the best Android devices out there. The Ice Cream Sandwich has given a real boost to Galaxy Nexus. It offers LTE 4G connectivity but this feature is draining the battery life of Galaxy Nexus very quickly. But we have a simple tip that can change this problem. Read about it below! … [Read more...]

AT&T Could Launch LTE in New York On June 30

Previous reports claimed that AT&T was planning to launch its LTE service during Q3 and Q4 of 2011, but new reports accessed by a website suggest otherwise. According to these reports, AT&T could launch the LTE service as soon as June 30 in New York and on July 24 in Los Angeles. This is very good news for users waiting for this service, though there's not much clarity as to when other cities would receive the service. But with 4G enabled handsets slowly making its way into the market we … [Read more...]

Verizon Adding LTE Coverage to a Bunch of Cities This Thursday

Verizon today seemed to be in a good mood and brought some very enticing piece of information to us all. They via Twitter said that their network will be adding LTE coverage to a bunch of towns and cities this Thursday. Verizon has actually said that they would be bringing LTE to 140 markets by the end of this year,  they haven't really mentioned the cities where the service would be available though. This is great news for Verizon users who can now expect LTE coverage in their cities. LTE is … [Read more...]

AT&T to acquire T-Mobile in the US

Officials from AT&T and Deutsche Telekom today announced that AT&T will be acquiring T-Mobile in the USA in a deal worth $38 billion or 8% of the company's ownership. Members from the boards of both the companies have approved this, but the deal is awaiting approval from the FCC. This move comes as Verizon plan to launch their 4G/LTE service in the country across 200 cities. It is said that the acquisition is the only way AT&T could add 4G to its network to stay on par with … [Read more...]

HTC Thunderbolt to launch on the 17th of March via Verizon for $249

The eagerly anticipated HTC Thunderbolt will finally be launched by Verizon on the 17th of March. This LTE 4G enabled handset has been one of the most anticipated phones, but the launch was delayed by Verizon for some reason. Apparently, Verizon has been working on some minor issues after the CES announcement of the device. But now with the official launch date made available by Verizon Wireless, those eager looking fans can breathe a sigh of relief. The handset will be available for $249 with a … [Read more...]