Microsoft Indicates Xbox LIVE Gaming Portal For iOS

Microsoft indicated that iOS will soon receive the Xbox LIVE gaming portal. cheap levitra online pharmacy Recently, the listing called for a developer to help Microsoft port its live gaming client to Apple's platform. This project started back in December 2011 when the official Xbox Live application was introduced for the iPhone. Forbes has that it was only the beginning. Read more below! … [Read more...]

Samsung Making A Bid For Nokia? [Rumor]

Nokia is a child which needs some support from others to survive, in other words an orphan. And with that, there have been a few rumors surfacing around the web which refer to an acquisition by Microsoft. This particular rumor has been heard for quite some time now, but now newer rumors reported by the Wall Street Journal suggests that Samsung, yes Samsung could be acquiring the Finnish giant Nokia. The South Korean biggie apparently is preparing a bid for Nokia, though the company calls it a … [Read more...]

Windows 8 Tablet UI To Be Previewed Next Week At Two Separate Events

By now we already know that Microsoft will be demonstrating the Windows 8 for tablets at the All Things Digital D9 conference next month, and now it seems like there's more proof about that. Some sources have told Bloomberg, that Windows 8 for tablets will be demoed next week. Actually rumors of Windows' newest tablet OS has been making rounds in the web since quite some time. But recent rumors have added more spice to it. Microsoft has also made it clear that it will be launching Windows 8 … [Read more...]

Rumor: 9 New WP7 Phones Will Be Shown Off Tomorrow

We all know how get excited we tend to get when we hear about new cellphone launches in the market. Well how about this? Microsoft could well be announcing 9 new WP7 running phones, yeah you heard it right. Microsoft is holding a Windows Phone 7 VIP Preview event tomorrow (May 24th) in New York City where the formal announcements are said to be made. The handsets will be merely announced here and will not be given launch dates. The source that broke out this info believes that the devices could … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Slowly Rising; 1.6 Million WP7 Phones Sold During Q1

The numbers of the worldwide mobile market sales have been just released by Gartner. These numbers give us an idea as to how platforms have evolved from the past one year, especially Android. The number to be considered though is Windows Phone 7. Microsoft's good old OS hasn't had that great a time with reviewers and experts alike. But still WP7 has managed to sell about 1.6 million units. This growth is really commendable given how lightly we take WP7. Though it must be noted that the companies … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Will Soon Overtake BlackBerry OS: Experts

With Android and iOS almost going neck to neck, in terms of popularity at least, where do OS' like BlackBerry and WP7 stand? Some of us would have picked the BB over the WP7 while some would have gone the other way. But according to the participants of AppNation, the Windows Phone 7 platform will soon be the number three platform after Android and iOS instead of BlackBerry OS. AppNation is a panel on mobile platforms mostly consisting of developers, app marketers, chip makers, notable industry … [Read more...]

LG Quantum and Samsung Focus Getting NoDo Update Shortly

According to Microsoft, two WP7 phones i.e. the LG Quantum and Samsung Focus are inching nearer towards the NoDo update simply referred to as the "copy and paste" update. According to Windows Phone Blog, the two devices have cleared the testing phase and have made its way to the scheduling phase. They haven't given a specific launch date, which means that we could see an update very shortly. Users will receive alerts when their device is ready for update which apparently could be a couple of … [Read more...]

Some WP7 Running HTC Devices Turn 16-bit; NoDo is the Culprit

Much has been talked about Microsoft’s NoDo update and what it could bring in terms of features. But you would be surprised to know that some device updates have done exactly the opposite. Apparently some HTC phones faced color depth problems with their devices which raised high concern. Apart from this the phone runs just fine, but the display is one of the most important parts of a phone, so some attention is desperately needed here. Check out the image below to understand what we’re talking … [Read more...]

Google tightening the screws on Android

According to Bloomberg, Google is tightening the screws on companies who use their OS, Android. They will apparently change the way they handle things with other companies and get all info on the extent of customization these companies intend to do with the OS. From now on, companies will have to take approval from Google about how they want to customize Honeycomb and the approval will be made by Google's Andy Rubin. Google apparently wants to enforce "non-fragmentation clauses" which would … [Read more...]