Mozilla Updates Firefox For Android Which Enables Private Browsing

We all know how security is a priority to us all, especially when it comes to browsing (for undisclosed reasons). And now Mozilla has gone a step further in providing better security for its Android browser users. The dev team at Mozilla have now introduced the private browsing feature on the Android version of Firefox known as the 'Do Not Track' feature. This will enable the users to turn off the the feature where websites can track you. This is inspired by the HTTP reader which garnered great … [Read more...]

Mozilla Firefox 4 RC now available for Android and Maemo

Makers of Firefox, Mozilla, made it clear in February that they will be bringing the Firefox 4 Beta to Android which would “enhance the experience”. And now they’ve made Firefox 4 available as a release candidate for Android and Maemo devices. And as Mozilla promised, this new version provides better browsing and enhances the experience and provides better sensitivity, and also comes with tabbed browsing and add-ons. It also lets you download files, get directions, gives you direct access to a … [Read more...]