How To Sync Your Phone’s Photos With Google + Instant Upload

Storing images on your phone can sometimes fill up a lot of memory card space - one that you may need more for other apps or files. The Google + Android app offers a solution to store your photos in a private folder on your Google + account automatically, depending on your settings. Here's how you can store and retrieve your photos using this app. Before proceeding, you would need the following: Android device Google + app installed on your phone Gmail or Google + account Internet … [Read more...]

Omega Kitchen Files: Customize The Stock/Custom ROM Of Your Rooted Galaxy SII

How amazing it would be if you are able to set your phone on your finger tips just the way you like it. Andriod is an operating system that many among us are using in order to make our lives simpler with respect to handset handling. With android every person can enjoy the settings just the way he wants to. Handset layouts, storage, connectivity, messaging, multiple language support, web browser, java support, media support, streaming media support, additional hardware support, multi touch, … [Read more...]

Android (Advance): Root Your Samsung Galaxy Note With This Guide

Many times it happens such that the simplest procedures are the ones that one is not able to understand. Many operations on smart phones generally require instructions especially when it comes to a novice it is always recommended to take instructions or just ask an experienced one to do the work for you. In old times there was not even an option to do it by oneself because the settings always involved professional skills. Today the methods have been modified such that even a non professional … [Read more...]

How To Change The Default App on Your Android Phone

Most of the time two or more apps on your phone serve the same purpose such as web browsers, e-book readers and SMS apps. Like most Android users, you might find that downloaded apps from the Market usually work better and offer more features than the ones that came with the phone's stock OS. You also may have noticed when you first installed the second, and even other similar apps, the phone gives you a choice which app or program to open a specific file with. Usually, whatever app you … [Read more...]

Android Basics: Wiping Out Data Before You Sell/Return/Exchange/Dispose Your Android Device

Wiping out your personal data before letting cialis 10mg go of your Android device is important. Security should be your number one priority. If your personal information floats around when you sell, return, exchange or dispose of your smartphone, it can be misused. … [Read more...]

Android Basics: Get Notified With Every New Message Once Per Email Thread (Gmail App Tip)

We recently posted on how to manage syncing in Gmail on your Android device. Now we have another tip for the Gmail users. There is an option to be notified of just the first e-mail in a thread, or with each sequential massage of the thread, depending on your preferences. The recent updates to the Gmail app has pushed the settings further in the menu. However, you can now change the settings yourself with this tip! … [Read more...]