Keep Game Save Files Synchronized Across All Android Devices With SaveShare

Majority of gamers have shifted to smartphones and tablets for playing their favorite games. However, the issue of keeping the saved games in sync has existed for a while now but an app from an independent Android developer may have solved the problem. SaveShare is a new app by WalkerApps that claims to keep the game save files synchronized across all the Android devices whether they are smartphones, media players, tablets or anything else. levitra online prescription The magical Dropbox stores … [Read more...]

Android Tablet Market Share to beat Apple iPad by 2014

Despite the success of the original iPad and the recent announcement of the iPad 2, it's widely expected that Android tables will catch up and overtake Apple's dominance in tablet market share. Analyst Mike Abramsky at RBC Capital Markets recently predicted that a flood of Android tablets of varying quality will hit the market in the next 18 months.  Most of these will be in the budget price range but higher quality tablets from Samsung, HTC and Motorola will take hold eventually if they can … [Read more...]

Consumer Reports Ratings of the Best Android Phones

Buying an Android phone this year?  Well now is the time because there is a stellar collection of Android phones available on all four major carriers. Despite the news that Verizon has the iPhone 4 now, we think there's no better time than to stick it to Apple and buy an Android.  I've purchased a Samsung Captivate through Amazon Wireless and it remains one of my favorite Android phones. The newest edition of Consumer Reports details Android phone ratings (among others) and lays out the best … [Read more...]