TweetDeck for iPhone Updated to Version 2.0

If you’re a regular Twitter, Facebook user, you will definitely know about a bunch of clients to make things easier for you. TweetDeck is one such app. TweetDeck is a social networking client giving you a central interface in one screen. Well now the iPhone version of the popular app has been updated to version 2.0. The developers of TweetDeck claim that this version is more versatile than ever. This is possible because the whole twitter client has been given a new face, in other words it has been developed all over again.

The interface will not see much change and will maintain the same interface as before, but users now will be able to tweet to multiple accounts plus better @reply and hashtag predictions, better support to give you the freedom to post longer tweets and a user can now view all his Facebook status updates, wallposts and tweets under one column making it easier for the user to view and manage the timeline rather easily.  TweetDeck v2.0 like its previous versions is downloadable for free. This is the iPhone version, and luckily enough the iPad version will make its way to market in about two weeks from now. This version of TweetDeck requires iOS 4.0 or further.

Download TweetDeck 2.0 from the iTunes Store

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