Unfriend Watch for Android lets you know when you’ve been dumped on facebook

We all know how deeply attached to facebook we have become, well some of us at least. And live facebook notifications make it just a tad easier for us to stay updated with the recent happenings on the site. But wouldn’t it be nice to be updated when you’ve been dumped/unfriended by a friend on facebook ? Dumping or being dumped on facebook is a very common affair, so this new Android app called “Unfriend Watch” which is now available in the Android Market, updates you when a friend dumps you from his/her list. This app comes days after the Breakup Notifier app was launched in the Android Market.

This app is created by Alex Guberman of Digi Q and promises to be one hot selling app on the Android Market. This app has the potential to break a bunch of hearts on facebook, cause lets face it, it’s not a great feeling when someone unfriends you on facebook and everybody would want a piece of this app.

Once you download this app, you are to give your facebook credentials and after that, Unfriend Watch will leave a wall post on your profile publicizing the activation of the app and letting your friends know about it. You can also control the timing of the notifications by setting the time-frame between which you’d like to receive notifications. There will be a Lite version as well as a paid version of the app, though it’s not clear as to how the latter differentiates from the former. But both versions will do the job of notifying you when you’re unfriended.

Via: The Droid Guy



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