Updated Apple Store App To Go Live Tomorrow

Apple has now updated the official Apple Store App for iPhone. Apple has updated the Apple Store to Apple Store 2.0 which brings some changes to the layout and functionality of the app. Moreover it is being speculated that the new iPhone app for the store will allow users to custom order Macs. This means that you would be able to pick your own Mac with your choice of hardware. Users will be given the liberty to choose the processor, hard drive and so on.

This app would also offer everything that the Apple website currently does, meaning that both the full website and the app would bear no differences. This would be quite an upgrade since you can only order stock Macs now without customizing it in any way. And as you would expect, an iPad version of the app too is definitely in the mix. It is really great how Apple plans to revamp the Store and improve user experience. This new and improved will app will make its way tomorrow, lets hope it offers better functionality than before.

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