What Do We Need From iOS 5?

There isn’t much time left till Apple left till Apple announces the iOS 5 mobile platform along with other much awaited announcements. The Cupertino giant will be making the announcements this coming Monday (June 6) at the WWDC 2011. But with this, talks have begun, in fact ever since rumors of iOS 5 surfaced, there have been talks about what the OS could or should bring to the table. Inclusion of third party apps (arguably) is considered as a much needed feature to the OS. Well, here’s a list of the 5 things that we would love to see on iOS 5.


1. Inclusion of Third Party Apps

When an argument is made about Android vs iOS, one thing the Androideers always point out is the inclusion of third party apps with their OS. If Apple sorts this thing out and allows a bunch of third-party apps into iOS 5 it could be one hell of a battle. Try decreasing the jailbreaking options, the main reason users jailbreak their device is because that’s the only way they could get their hands on apps which are rather unobtainable.


2. Better File Handling

Another thing Apple needs to work on is the file handling on iOS devices. Once you’ve gotten the files onto your device, the device time and again reminds you that there’s no file system as such that a user can view without getting into a mess of things, or you can’t even attach a file after you’ve started composing a mail. How’s that for usability?


3. Improved Utilization of the Lock Screen

The default iOS lock screen is very basic. No real time notifications or anything of that sort. All you get is a clock. But if you jailbreak the iPhone, you get a lot of peppy new features on your locks screen. E-mail alerts, weather forecasts, latest RSS feeds etc.

Apple really needs to sort this thing out and keep users from jailbreaking their device to get these cool features. Apple’s intention behind the lockscreen basically was to avoid unintentional calls or texts while the phone is in the pocket, which is understandable, but live notifications couldn’t hurt, could it?


4. Hassle Free Media Syncing

Even though Apple devices have all sorts of wireless connectivity options like 3G, Bluetooth  and Wi-Fi, but regardless of all these features, you still have to connect that stupid cable every time you sync your device. Apple launched a feature called AirDrop on Mac OS X Lion which we dearly want the iOS 5 to implement.


5. Improved Native Gmail support

A large amount of iPhone users access the built-in Gmail app to get e-mails. Even with the massive popularity of Gmail, the iOS support for the Gmail app is pretty simple (that’s not what we expect from an iPhone). Gmail has an array of features like labelling flagging, archiving etc which makes it what it is today, out of these features, the iOS app only supports the archiving feature (since iOS 4 ). So if Apple improves the Gmail app experience a bit more, users could be happier than they are now.

If Apple takes care of these 5 things, we can expect some heavy competition in the coming days, a lot more than what we have now.



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