Windows 8 Tablet UI To Be Previewed Next Week At Two Separate Events

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By now we already know that Microsoft will be demonstrating the Windows 8 for tablets at the All Things Digital D9 conference next month, and now it seems like there’s more proof about that. Some sources have told Bloomberg, that Windows 8 for tablets will be demoed next week. Actually rumors of Windows’ newest tablet OS has been making rounds in the web since quite some time. But recent rumors have added more spice to it. Microsoft has also made it clear that it will be launching Windows 8 tablets with ARM based processors, which should be an interesting addition to the tablet.

There are basically two tech based events in two parts of the world. The All Things Digital D9 conference is to be held in California and the the Computex 2011 will be held at Taipei. Interestingly, Microsoft will be present at both the conferences, demonstrating the new Windows 8 for tablets UI. The President of Microsoft Windows, Steven Sinofsky will be present at the All Things D D9 conference and Vice President, Steve Gugenheimer will be present at the Computex 2011 in Taipei.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 has been eagerly expected for quite some time and we would love to see how it performs. Previous Windows tablets were nothing but Microsoft porting the basic Windows OS directly to the smaller sized tablets, which was very functional, no doubt, but lacked newness. With an OS optimized for tablets, we think Microsoft has a good bet at grabbing some of the market share from already established brands. Also, it is high time we saw something new in the market. The tablet industry is currently crowded with Android and iOS tablets, and even though tablets like the BlackBerry PlayBook are launching, it hasn’t really given any competition to the big guns. Hopefully, that could change with the Windows 8 tablet, after all a bit of variety in the market is always welcome isn’t it?


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